National Zoo Malaysia Part 1 (A Nostalgic Revisit)

Posted by shloke 17 October 2008
Location: National Zoo, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: 16 October 2008, 3.42pm
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/6.3, ISO Equiv.: 100

16th October 2008 (A half-day outing to rediscover National Zoo Malaysia/Zoo Negara)

Its been awhile since I last visited National Zoo Malaysia. I decided to revisit National Zoo Malaysia (Zoo Negara Malaysia) to capture some photos with my brand new Nikon D60 DSLR camera. In addition, I wish to see for myself if there is any new addition to their animal family.

As usual, I boarded a bus to Kota Raya. Next, I took a Metrobus (Number 16) to National Zoo. The bus fare is RM2 for one way trip. The bus finally arrived after a 40 minutes of hot and sweaty wait. If you are planning a trip to National Zoo Malaysia with public bus, it is advisable to inform either the bus driver or conductor of your destination. I find this very useful because they will inform you when the bus has reached its destination. The bus trip from Kota Raya to National Zoo took about 1 hour++. It was a SLOW, LOUSY and 'ENDLESS' trip. I was so MAD with the bus driver...he was driving at a snail's pace and along the way...the driver and the conductor was trying to get more passengers!

At the National Zoo, I bought an entrance ticket for RM15 (with MyKad). Those who brought along a video camera need to top-up another RM5. I requested a map to plan my half-day discovery. The map is very informative! It has detailed information about different section of the zoo. The map is viewable at this URL

Firstly, I saw some giraffes having their lunch of green leaves. The leaves were tied together on top of a piece of metal interesting method used to feed these long-legged mammals. The giraffes look elegant with their enormous size and also gentle manner.

After that, I move to the zoo's lake. I can see lots of milky storks around the lake. Some of them storks were standing still, while others were having their spread-wing postures. The milky stork feathers are simply AMAZING! It has a mixture of white, green, black and a bit of metallic colour.

Next, I move to the buffaloes, cows and deer enclosure. These animals are HUGE! Out of a sudden, a cow moves closer to me...away from the herd! It has a huge pair of light brown horns. The cow protrude its tongue occasionally and trying hard to eat some small plants around the enclosure. I picked up my camera and snap a few more photos.

coming soon...National Zoo Malaysia Part 2 (The Mammal Kingdom and The Savannah Walk)

Here are some photos I took during my recent trip to National Zoo Malaysia:
Picture 1 - "Fallen but not forgotten"

Picture 2 - Green Warp Illusion! Look at this photo carefully. The photo is actually rectangle in shape...but the internal linings of the leave create a natural optical illusion that distort the shape of the picture. I did not expect the photo to turn out like this. A PLEASANT SURPRISE!

Picture 3 - Another green warp.

Picture 4 - Into INFINITY! Caution...the black hole!

Picture 5 - I LOVE the type of plants with bended and folded leaves. The outcome is usually superb!

Picture 6 - Centre of the leaf.

Picture 7 - Swirling and twisting. Look like a green umbrella.

Picture 8 - Another twisted outcome.

Picture 9 - Let's do the TWIST!

Picture 10 - An emu looking for food. This emu was pecking my shoe...non-stop!

Picture 11 - A close-up shot of the emu's feathers...oily and wet.

Picture 12 - Another close-up shot.

Picture 13 - The gentleman pose with a pair of crossing legs.
Picture 14 - Don't come any closer or I'll dig out your eyeballs with my beak! SHOO!

Picture 15 - Having a to tan my feathers to light brown.

Picture 16 - Spreading my wings...up, up and away!

Picture 17 - A giraffe.

Picture 18 - It's lunch time! Leaves were tied together on a piece of metal pole.

Picture 19 - Chewy, crunchy and tasty!

Picture 20 - Sharing food.

Picture 21 - What on Earth is this creature?

Picture 22 - Is it a dragon? A monster? No, its a COW!
Picture 23 - Look at my pointy horns!

Picture 24 - Hey! I can clean my nostril easily...with my tongue.

Picture 25 - Another angle.

Picture 26 - A tongue-lickin' good time.

Picture 27 - Gimme some fresh green leaves.

Picture 28 - What are you looking at?

Picture 29 - Huh? Are you a hunter? Please have mercy on me!

Picture 30 - Foraging food.

Picture 31 - Hello! I am having my summer holidays...going back to North Pole this coming Christmas.

Picture 32 - Found it!

Picture 33 - It's ALL MINE!


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