Lush Greenery in Kuala Lumpur - Nature At Its Best

Posted by shloke 08 October 2009

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Here is my collection of floras and faunas captured in KL with my Nikon D60.
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The attractions in Kuala Lumpur (KL) are endless. Suffice to say, KL never fails to amaze me! The food is GOOD, the people are AMAZING and it is blessed with a BREATHTAKING landscape of lush greenery. When I look at KL city, it is like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it. KL BOLEH! (Translation: KL, You Can Do It!). I would like to share a KL attraction that is close to my heart - NATURE.

Most Malaysians (especially KL-lites) and tourists alike look at KL as a concrete jungle. That is SO UNTRUE! I am a nature lover and loves the green attractions in KL. By far, I truly enjoyed my journey to Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, KL Bird Park, KL Hibiscus Garden, KL Orchid Garden and KL Lake Gardens.

No city invites the heart to come to life as Kuala Lumpur does. Arrival in Kuala Lumpur is an experience in living. My solo journey to KL does not stop here - that is for sure. KL still has a lot to offer.

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve - A Hidden Jewel in KL

Bukit Nanas Forest canopies are home to unique flora and fauna not found in other layers of forests. Many rainforest animals have evolved to live solely in the canopy, and never touch the ground. This picture was taken at Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve in KL (Nikon D60).

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is AWESOME! I had the most amazing time hiking the forest. This 103 years old forest is a hidden gem located right in the middle of Bukit Bintang, KL. It was gazetted as a permanent reserved forest since 1906. You can virtually step into the forest after your shopping spree in Pavilion or Lot 10. The collection of floras and faunas are simply impressive! I wish I could live in Bukit Nanas forever.


Picture 1 - Mr. Green
Picture 2 - Shades of Green
Picture 3 - The Flapping Green Wings.
These pictures were taken at Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve with my Nikon D60.

KL Hibiscus & Orchid Gardens - Green Revolution

The leaves have a waxy water-repellent upper side. The underside, cling to the water by surface tension. This picture was taken at water lily pond in KL Orchid Garden (Nikon D60).

Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman chosen hibiscus as the national flower in 1960. The five-petaled Hibiscus rosa-sinensis was chosen because it symbolizes the Rukunegara (Five Principles of Nationhood), while the colour red represents courage.
This picture was taken at KL Hibiscus Park (Nikon D60)

KL Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana) dates back to 1880s. It is the city's most popular park. Built around an artificial lake, it encompasses 91.6 hectares of lush greenery with flowering plants, shady trees, unique botanical gardens (hibiscus & orchids), deer park, bird park and butterfly park. I always make it a point to visit Hibiscus and Orchid Gardens. The gardens include orchids and hibiscus in an amazing array of colours, shapes and sizes. Remember to look for the gigantic clam-shaped hibiscus - EXOTIC & AWESOME! You have to see it to believe it.


Picture 1 - Bird of Paradise
Picture 2 - Colourful Orchids Abundant
Picture 3 - Pure, White, Exotic And Beautiful
These pictures were taken at Lake Gardens, KL with my Nikon D60.

KL Bird Park - Largest Walk-In Free-Flight Aviary In The World

A newly hatched chick. This picture was taken at KL Bird Park (Nikon D60).

KL Bird Park is also located within KL Lake Gardens. This is the largest walk-in free-flight aviary in the world with over 800 birds of 60 local and foreign species. The birds are living together as a perfectly balanced community in semi-natural, man-made environment. Being in the park with birds like peacocks, swans, flamingos, hornbills and pelicans roaming freely was a cool experience. I definitely enjoyed the open air aviaries. A fantastic up, close and personal experience.


Picture 1 - Feeding Frenzy
Picture 2 - Milky Storks Walking Free
Picture 3 - Let's Do The ZIGZAG Formation!
These pictures were taken at KL Bird Park with my Nikon D60.

Moving Around in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur - Getting There:


The KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is located about 50km from KL proper. All International Flights come through KLIA. Official portal of KLIA -

From KLIA, there are several ways to get to KL:

Taxis - available 24hours. Purchase the limousine or taxi tickets from counters before leaving the departure lounge. The counters are located at the exit. Fares are around RM85 - RM95 one way. Travel time: 55minutes depending on traffic situation in KL.

Rail link - There is a direct rail link called KLIA express rail link which leaves KLIA every 15min. Official portal of KLIA express -


This is the most comprehensive way to experience the magic of Kuala Lumpur. Not only does it cover all major attractions, the tour also includes key shopping centres in the city. KLCC, Twin Tower, Bintang Walk, Merdeka Square, KL Tower, KL Sentral, Lake Garden, Petaling Street, Jamek Mosque, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, St. Mary’s Cathedral. Over 42 major sights and attractions. Official Portal -

Trains, Light Rail Transit systems, Monorails

KL is pretty well connected with relatively cheap and easy way of travelling around. (Official Portal of KTM Komuter) (Official Portal of RapidKL - Public buses & LRT)

Location of KL Lake Garden (Google Maps):

View Larger Map

Lush Greenery in KL - Read More & Useful Links:

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  1. Roger Says:
  2. Alex, your love for KL is abundantly clear, and for very good reasons. With such in depth knowledge of Malaysia, you're highly qualified to write a travel guide. (Singapore fan of this blogger).

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I love the parakeets in zigzag formation!
    Did you buy a new camera?!

    I always wanted to have a good camera...
    My Nikon Coolpix is old but still functional.
    OK, I have to stop complaining.

  5. shloke Says:
  6. Roger,

    Thank you so much for your support, motivation and kind compliments!! Honestly, I'm still learning the ropes. Roger, remember to participate blog4ft as an international participant. You will win exclusive Air Asia tickets to travel around Malaysia.


    I'm a poor kid. Still using my one year old Nikon camera. Sigh, I really hope Nikon Malaysia stumbled upon my photography work and sponsor me a better lens.

    Maybe you'll strike lotto grand prize and invest in a better camera :)

    Cheers to all!

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. There's a actually competition here in London sponsored by Nikon annually. Maybe I should send them my photos!

  9. shloke Says:
  10. 1ondoncalling,

    You should! Your pictures are AMAZING! Can I participate as well?


  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Yes, of course you can!
    But the theme is always about LONDON.
    So you gotta come here first.

    The first prize is Nikon D5000!
    Is that your dream camera?

  13. Shelyn Says:
  14. I will take this post as a guide to have a one day visit to KL!

    I like the picture of the birds lining up facing opposite directions. Look like a poster!

  15. shloke Says:
  16. 1ondoncalling,

    D500? Wah! That's a jaw dropping camera. I can only DREAM having that camera :) I'll support 1ondoncalling!

    Me? Stuck in KL.


    WOW! Thank you for your great support!!! Honestly, I'm humbled by all your support (fellow bloggers & visitors).

    That zigzag picture is one of my favorite. Picture was taken soon after the feeding session.

    Shelyn, remember to bring along Don to KL Bird Park. It's a NICE place. Top 1 attraction in KL as reviewed by TripAdvisor members.


  17. Shelyn Says:
  18. I don't even remember if I have ever been to KL bird park :-p

    Top 1 attraction, wow... in fact I read about top 10 places to visit in KL from one of the travel websites, but I think there are more than the top 10 that were listed in that website. The blogger didn't even include bird park and natural sites. Anyway, it inspired me to write a comprehensive guide about KL.

    Perhaps you should start composing travel guides or tips, it shouldn't be difficult with the experience that you have. I observed that readers prefer tips ^_^

  19. Shelyn Says:
  20. By the way, where did you get 'Share This' widget? This is cute!

  21. shloke Says:
  22. Shelyn,

    Oooh...'Mat Sallehs' LOVE our KL Bird Park. NO CAGE AT ALL!!! Birds roaming freely. In fact the birds are AWESOME. I saw a long-tailed bird. I managed to touch the tail. It was soft as silk! Kwailos like 'freedom' :)

    As usual, I can talk, can't write.

    About sexy bookmark, I've replied in your travel blog.


  23. Aland Says:
  24. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, KL Bird Park, KL Hibiscus Garden, KL Orchid Garden and KL Lake Gardens. Here I come. The pics are great and my next hols is to book myself into a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

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