The Story of A Big Fish (Part 1)

Posted by shloke 11 November 2009
Title: I Stumbled Upon A Big Fish
Location: Sekinchan Fishing Village, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: 9 November 2009 (Monday), 1:01pm
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/7.1, ISO Equiv.: 100

I've seen beautiful pictures of Sekinchan in numerous photo forums – lush paddy field and bustling fishing town. The peaceful and gorgeous settings in Sekinchan caught my attention. As usual, Monday is my weekly photo outing. So, I decided to check out the fishing town. Prior to this, I’ve visited Pulau Ketam fishing community (translation: Crab Island) twice. Sadly, Pulau Ketam looks like a ‘dying’ island during my last visit. READ HERE.

I was busy exploring the fishing town. One hour later, a plump specky guy approached me. He showed me some images he captured earlier. Pictures of a BIG FISH – size of a van. Suddenly, I got this adrenaline rush in me. The townspeople were all abuzz about the ‘catch of the day’. It spread like wildfire.

It was REAL and HAPPENING! Fishing folks, migrant workers and residents were already crowding the place. From afar, it looks like a crime scene! I squeezed myself through the crowd. Everyone was busy snapping pictures with their hand phones and digital cameras.

I was speechless. My eyes were wide opened and my jaw literally dropped. I am no fish expert…but the BIG FISH looks like a juvenile whale shark. I have no idea how the BIG BOY ended up in Sekinchan. Perhaps it was a dead fish washed up on Sekinchan's shoreline. The fishermen were speaking in unknown foreign language. All of us (bystanders) were wondering what is their next course of action.

So, what happened next? Stay tune for Part 2 - Big Fish, The Story Unfolds

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  1. fufu Says:
  2. wow that's a HUGE fish ya... i was speechless for a second when i looked at your pictures!!!! wonderful trip you had there!!

  3. Shelyn Says:
  4. Did I miss out the name of the fish? What fish is it? Looks like stingray.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. That's actually a "Basking shark" - a vunerable species, protected in the UK. I am not sure if it's listed as a protected species in Malaysia.

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  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. This looks like a garoupa.

  10. xplorer Says:
  11. londoncalling,

    Correction , that's actually a whale shark and not basking shark.Whale shark is the largest fish while basking shark is the second largest fish in the world.Whale shark have spot pattern on its body while basking shark generally have similarity like a great white shark but without the jaws of course.

  12. shloke Says:
  13. Apology for my late replies. I got 'BORAD..BAND' instead of broadband for the past few days.


    Thanks fufu! After seeing the big fish lying motionless...I felt a bit dizzy. An eye-opener.

    Shelyn, 1ondoncaller, anon & xplorer

    Yep...its a whale shark. I did some research and stumbled upon two news article in The Star Paper. Check out these links:


    xplorer, thank you so much for your wonderful reply!


    I'm replying to you :)

    Cheers to all!

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Ha ha... What can I say? Thank you! :-) It's must be its cousin then!

  16. Shelyn Says:
  17. I hope they accidentally caught it. It's a rare fish and shouldn't be killed.

  18. shloke Says:
  19. Shelyn

    Me too. Or perhaps it was a dead big fish washed to Sekinchan's shoreline.

    Remember to catch Part 2 - As The Story Unfolds.


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