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Posted by shloke 01 January 2010
Looking Back (Jan - Dec 2009)

The Story of A Big Fish - November 2009

Mr. Mangosteen - December 2009

2009....It's been a great year for photography. I've traveled to many domestic locations around Malaysia. Nothing to brag about. But, I do go to great lengths in search of fantastic photo opportunities and capture the moment as it happens.

Street photography is never easy. You'll be rejected, and you'll have people question your photo motives. That's the way life is, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. LOL! I sound like a true professional :)

Photography is my craze, my passion and my hobby. I love the world, his color and his various expressions through people. Every picture has a story to tell. Photography is a way for me to immortalize those powerful moments.

It has also enabled me to expand my creative horizons, experience diverse cultures and look at nature in a new refreshing light. I have learned so much in the process and met so many wonderful people.

2010? This year I want to do something different and meaningful. I wish to travel more and experience life in a new way. I want freedom to travel wherever and whenever I want. I want to conquer Lhasa, India and China. I wish I could quit my job and travel the world :)

To all my friends, bloggers and readers:

May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life. Happy New Year from mylo.


  1. Racheel Yap Says:
  2. may this year will be a wonderful year to you too..i love photo-shooting too but i dun has money to buy a professional camera...

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Ha ha... I hope your boss is not reading your blog! ;)

    Re: Serpentine River - It's actually located within central London. Because Hyde Park is really big, some 149 hectares, so if you walk in the park, you don't feel like being right next to a busy street, ;)

    Re: Gurnard's Head - London was minus 2 yesterday! I went to see the Parade! It was great - I couldn't believe I was out there standing in the cold for three hours!

    The headland actually looks a bit like the fish. Ha ha... You have to imagine a bit!

  5. shloke Says:
  6. Rachel,

    Thanks! No worries :) The price has dropped. Perhaps you can invest on a digital camera (first) before purchasing your very first DSLR camera. I was using a 1.3 MP digital camera for over two years.


    Sometimes they follow my updates. LOL! But, I really wanna do something different - I need more travel and photography :)

    Can I join you and be another 1ondoncaller? I'm mesmerized by the beauty of your place.

    What? Minus 2° C? WOW! That's even colder that my freezer!! So many festivals and parades in London. Remember to record some videos and share with us :)

    I can imagine that. Bu the way, Pulau Dayang Bunting in Langkawi Island, Kedah looks like a pregnant maiden!

    Cheers to all!

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Re: Parade - I don't do record videos. Already got tons of photos to sort out. Pulau Dayang Bunting? I think I have been there... Can't remember now. Sure, you can join me and become 2ondoncaller! Ha ha... And yes, London is really busy. Always got something to do and see!! Percuma lagi!!

    Re: Testicle by the Thames / 泰晤士河旁的睾丸 / Testikel di tepi Sungai Thames / テムズ川の側の金玉 - The other one? Ha ha... Don't know leh?! They run out of budget to build another one, I guess. Ha ha... Don't know Mid Valley very well. Next time, you post some photos here, okay?

    Re: Shy cherub / 害羞的小天使 / Kerubian yang malu / 恥ずかしいチェラブ - Ha ha... The cherud's hand got a little hole, just the right size to put that leaf in, so I was having some silly fun with the statue and my camera. And then, came out with some silly story!? Ha ha... Hope you enjoyed it!!

  9. Carmen Says:
  10. i agree with you... we must travel while we can.. who says we have to go the normal routine.. study ---> work ---> married + travel... we can always travel while are young =)

  11. shloke Says:
  12. 1ondoncaller

    I'm calling to London :)


    Exactly! Travel broadens the mind. Live is short...we gotta play more and travel the world!!!

    Cheers to all!

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