Photo Assignment: "Fruit & Veg" [The Winners]

Posted by shloke 31 August 2011
Huff (took a long deep breath and blow heavily). Where should I start? I almost gave up on the Weekly Photo Assignment. I mean, it's kind of so frustrating to see the progress of Theme 2: Fruit and/or Veg. People were not responding. I've posted numerous posters and reminders on my Facebook wall, and the waits seem forever. Where are the pictures? Is Theme 2 too difficult? Is the title a lil bit confusing? What went...WRONG???!

With these questions lingering on my mind, I've decided to look on the bright side. There's no use in pouting and complaining. My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get" 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Luckily the momentum started to pick up after some Facebook friends did a bit of 'pushing'. It was fantastic and there's hope after all! The Weekly Photo Assignment is not a 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' project aka "for as long as the chicken shit is hot". I've received some YUMMYLICIOUS and COLORFUL entries - durians, red melons, purse-like strawberry, tutti-frutti and funky veggie.

Today, I've decided to add my personal comments and critiques on these pictures. I am neither pro photog nor Simon Cowell wannabe, but I do have keen eyes for great pictures. Ooh, one more thing, Theme 3: Black and White ROCKS! It has been receiving overwhelming response from fans worldwide. I WANT MORE! Keep your B&W pictures coming! GO! GO! GO! 加油!

Title: King of Fruits?
Photographer: Wan Kit Fong
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

What Alex Loke says "The sound or the smell of durian will turn off a group of people, but Asians LOVE IT! OOH LA LA! This picture speaks volume - the soft yellowish flesh is so enticing, I can almost touch it! Every time I look at this picture I can only think of three words - creamy, buttery and sweet!"

Title: Fruit's Art
Photographer: Victor Koay
Flickr | Website | Facebook

What Alex Loke says "This picture shows artistic quality and creative interpretation of Theme 2: Fruit and/or Veg. The five colors caught my attention - red melon, green apple, orange, white saucer and dark background. On a side note, I would LOVE to see a bit more of the orange juicy look :)

Title: Watermelon
Photographer: Besim Hakramaj

What Alex Loke says "This is one of the most appetizing shots I've seen in the series. The cheese-like melon and sweet juices oozing out from the flesh. GULP! It's tutti-frutti, and it's delicious! An excellent close-up! Well done Besim!"

Title: Giant Strawberry
Photographer: Peck Hong
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

What Alex Loke says "My eyes were fixated on the giant berry: a purse - like strawberry! It's a cutie and definitely an attention-grabber. Having said that, I've noticed a distracting element on the picture - the black tube. I usually try to move it away from the main focus - push it to the back and hide it.

Title: Peppers
Photographer: Tan Teck Jau
Flickr | Website | Facebook

What Alex Loke says "A visually appetizing photo, with a riot of colors, shapes and sizes. It was the specificity in the randomness that caught my attention - tomatoes on top, capsicum on the middle and chilies on lower right."

Title: Untitled
Photographer: Steve Cheng
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

What Alex Loke says "This picture fits the theme very well! I can see fruits (carved melons, starfruit) and veggie (potatoes and cucumbers). Interesting color effect. I would definitely like to see this picture in its original colors.

Title: Fruit's Parade
Photographer: Kristle Seng Aun Kwong
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

What Alex Loke says "I can almost smell and taste it! Fresh fruity aroma. Papayas, apples, mangoes, oranges, plum and more. This picture will look better if taken from another angle, zoom out a bit for more coverage".

Note: The photos are now available for public view in A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog Facebook page. Look for ✓ Weekly Theme tab.

All copyrights belong to respective photographers.

Last updated: September 1st, 2011 (5:33 p.m.)


  1. Rafael Lam Says:
  2. Wow, so many nice and colorful fruits!
    That giant strawberry is funny,
    but I like most the watermelon!

  3. shloke Says:
  4. Rafael Lam,

    You're invited to participate in MPTB Facebook's Weekly Photo Assignment.

    You've got some really COOL pictures! Currently, MPTB is running Theme 4: "Animal Planet". Feel free to submit your photos :)

  5. Jobless Girl Says:
  6. Wow, those pic looks great. Love it all.

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