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Title: Licence to KILL?
Location: Hat Yai, Southern Thailand
Date: 1 September 2009, 10:25am
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/9.0, ISO Equiv.: 100

Why?? Why?? and WHY do I chose a Thai plate number as an intro??? I always believed Malaysian drivers are the worst traffic offender on Earth. I thought I've seen it all. But, I was dead wrong! The drivers in Thailand (especially in Bangkok and Hat Yai) are C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!! Thailand's ubiquitous tuk-tuk (ตุ๊กตุ๊ก) is nice to ride. But, 9 out of 10 drivers are traffic ignorant - zooming through busy roads and pay no heed to traffic lights. I was hanging on for dear life. Young and old drivers were speeding like devils trying to send their passengers to their destination as soon as possible. On a few occasions, I was hoping that it will not be my FINAL DESTINATION. I nearly got several heart attacks when the tuk-tuk drivers made sharp turn - the mini motorised bike was on the verge topping over. It was insane!!

Sometimes, I have no other options but to hire the motorbike taxi drivers. Before laying my arse on the bike, I always tell the driver 'SLOW!' According to Wikitravel ' Motorcycle accidents are brutally common, and many (tourists and Thai alike) consider transportation of this sort to be inherently hazardous. Motorcycle taxis in Bangkok should generally be avoided except as a last resort'.Traveling via motorbike taxis can be fun and entertaining. Funny....I ENJOY the strong wind blowing on me while the driver zigzag and speed through the busy roads.

Well, I'm happy to say that I survived from these madness :)

Overall, I had a great time in Hat Yai and Bangkok - no hanky-panky :) Thailand: Land of Smiles is VERY TRUE. Immediately when I walked into Hat Yai, I felt a warm welcome and a great atmosphere! Rich or poor is not a hindrance for Thais to be so lovely and cheerful. I'm not trying to be a travel ambassador for Thai Tourism. You just have to check out all the pictures I captured in Hat Yai. In Bangkok, I was mesmerized and blown away by magnitude of the Thai Temples or Wat.

I need to catch some sleep now. I've just returned from Bangkok four hours ago. It was the longest train ride in my life! A whopping 23 HOURS ride from Bangkok to Butterworth!

Remember to catch Part 2 for more exclusive travelogues and pictures - FRESH from Thailand.


  1. fufu Says:
  2. yeah cant wait to read your coming post ya =p erm... yeah i took that motorbike taxi when i was in bangkok and ho chi minh city =p both countries have real good drivers... guess they qualify to race on the track seriously!! ops, yeah in Fujian too, i took the ride to travel around the tulous :) did you take video wihle on the bike? yes i did when i was in china last mth XD while upload on blogger when i write about tulou

  3. Shelyn Says:
  4. So syiok, you're in Bangkok now! I wish I can be like fufu that forever travel and do not need to work.

    How did you do it, fufu?

    Back to the drivers issue, I think it's just the same across south east asia countries. Even the country like Laos, which has very few vehicles on the road compared to Bangkok, Jakarta or KL, and yet their drivers also drive like crazy. They drove too crazy that there were few times puzzled us so much what the drivers were trying to do.

  5. Roger Says:
  6. World's worst drivers: 1st Singapore 2nd Thailand 3rd Malaysia. Thai tuk-tuk are an exciting form of transport I agree. In Bangkok didn't their mass rapid trains appeal to you? Wow, long train ride home. I find long train rides less tiring. My longest ride was from Chiengmai to KL non-stop. Having a Thai number plate as an intro to your Thai adventures is an outstanding idea.

  7. shloke Says:
  8. @fufu & Shelyn,

    Next post coming soon! fufu, you are the real traveler! I guess I whine too much about the bikers in Thailand :)

    Great idea about taking videos while on the bike. I was actually using my two hands grabbing the bike's metal bar to secure myself no video.

    I guess lack of enforcement is the core of the problem for these ruthless problem.


    I'm surprised! Singaporean are the world's worst drivers? But why?

    It was a short trip to Thailand. I'm well aware of the sky train and the transit. Will try it out next time :( I only traveled with train, bus, tuk-tuk and bike taxis in Thailand.

    I actually traveled on a second class sleeper train from Bangkok back to Malaysia. It was really difficult to sleep. The scenery is excellent but the long hours is tiring.

    Cheers to all!

  9. fufu Says:
  10. yeah the taxi drivers in singapore are all insane!! friend of mine nearly got out of control because of a rude taxi driver... cut the shit... alright... hihihi you are not bad too mylo... you have your own different way in travelling which i am lacking of :) which i think it's good otherwise it would be damn boring to read/see the same stuff ya...

  11. shloke Says:
  12. @fufu,

    You are fast! Well, honestly....I'll always dream for all these great traveling companions. There is plus traveling solo. But, having nice people traveling and exploring along will be wonderful. drivers in Malaysia are cheaters, the ones in Singapore are insane, the Thailand drivers are dangerous. Talking about Asian drivers. Sometimes, I wonder whether the hot temperature contribute to these silliness.


  13. fufu Says:
  14. hihihi alright... wanna go to cameron or ipoh or penang or malacca or the east coast?? i could be your jalan-jalan kaki if you are interested any of the city i mentioned :)

  15. shloke Says:
  16. I just visited these three cities recently (Penang, Malacca and Ipoh). Perhaps next time.

    I guess fufu must be disappointed with me for turning down his invitation.

    Maybe next time!!!


  17. Shawn Says:
  18. I understand you i also scary~haha , the tuk-tuk car drive so fast but fun ...nice try ;)

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