What do Global Bloggers think of Kuala Lumpur (KL) - the capital city of Malaysia? I wanted to hear the truth... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of KL. So, I created a simple survey to collect feedback from bloggers across the globe. "Why do you limit your survey among bloggers" you might ask. Well, bloggers are the untapped voice of the public. We the bloggers are the most suitable candidates to voice out the true nature of KL - without fear or favor.

I drafted my survey form and made numerous modifications before making it public. Basically, I created a short and simple 5 minutes survey form. This is the actual survey form hosted in Wufoo.com Please wait for it to load. It takes only seconds :) Scroll down the page to view bloggers feedback.

Next, I posted a thread in Lowyat forum (Under Blogmasters & Webmasters Forum) to get bloggers feedback. In addition, I sent out email invitations to renowned bloggers across the globe. The response has been good.

Before we look into blogger's feedback, let’s look at my own reply.


I LOVE KL food, lush nature and skyscrapers. But, FOOD is my TOP 1 KL FAVOURITE. The crossroads of multiracial cuisine in KL is definitely a preferred place to 'makan' (translation: eat). Our 1Malaysian food is forever tasty and delicious!

Clockwise a) 'Lap Ngap' or Wax Duck in KL Chinatown - A delicacy enjoyed by many Malaysian Chinese at the Lunar New Year, b) Ketupat or Malay rice Dumpling in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman - It is usually eaten with rendang (curried meat) or served as a side dish to satay and c) Thosai in Brickfields - It is a typical dish in South Indian cuisine, eaten for breakfast or dinner, and is rich in carbohydrates and protein. All pictures were taken with my Nikon D60.


I DISLIKE KL inconsiderate drivers. Call it STUPID, INSANE or WHATEVER! Generally, Malaysians are a nice, kind and polite society. Unfortunately transformation takes place once they entered their car. Getting behind the wheel changes most people! I see rude drivers almost every day on our highway and trunk roads. It is fast becoming a trend.

Here are three examples of rude drivers in KL:

  1. Drivers tend to cut the queue dangerously whenever its possible and felt no remorse in doing so.
  2. Overtaking other drivers. They just seem too lazy to switch on their signals and cuts in abruptly without thinking of other people's safety.
  3. Crazy tailgaters

My Say About KL

In my humble opinion, KL can be a tourist paradise. We are far behind compared to Bangkok, Beijing and City of Singapore. Malaysian Ministry Of Culture, Arts And Tourism can do a better job by improving and innovating KL City instead of wasting millions of ringgit in marketing and advertising fees. Good news spread by word of mouth. Create more green lungs in the city and make KL a dynamic place for tourist. In addition, more effort is needed to lower down the crime rates in the city. Petty thefts like pickpockets and street thieves are scaring away potential tourists.

Now, let us take a look at some feedbacks I received from fellow bloggers across the globe. Only twenty-three feedbacks can be featured in this article. My sincere apology for not able to list down all submissions. Nevertheless, I gave full credits to all participants.

NOTE: The survey is now officially closed. This is the overall results obtained from 52 respondents. Last updated September 1st, 2011 (6:09 p.m.)

Note: 1 respondent was removed due to invalid data


1) Malaysian Blogger

2) Malaysian Blogger

3) Singaporean Blogger & Freelance Writer

4) Malaysian Blogger & Traveler
5) Malaysian Blogger
(Acclaimed Graphic Designer & Illustrator)

6) Malaysian Blogger

7) Malaysian Blogger

8) Malaysian Blogger & Traveler - Currently Studying in Germany

9) Malaysian Blogger, Traveler & Food Lover

10) Award-Winning Singaporean Blogger & Traveler
(Singapore Blog Awards 2008 – Best Photo Blog)

11) Award-Winning Malaysian Blogger & Doodler
(Best Hidden Gem, Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award Winner)

12) Malaysian Blogger, Full-Time Journalist
(The Bangsar Boy Columnist - TheStar Paper)

13) Malaysian Blogger

14) Irish Blogger
(Researcher - Commercialization of Malaysian blogs)

15) Malaysian Blogger
(Renown Malaysian Tech Writer)

16) Malaysian Blogger

17) Malaysian Blogger
(Famous Food Blogger From UNESCO Heritage City of Georgetown)

18) American Blogger & Traveler
(Finalist, Best Travel and Food Blog in Tripbase.com)

19) Malaysian Blogger

20) Malaysian/Swiss Blogger in USA

21) Indian Blogger
(An Expatriate Mum Living In Malaysia)

22) Malaysian Blogger
(Renown Fashion Blogger & Editor-at-Large for Tongue in Chic)

23) Malaysian Blogger
(Renown SEO Blogger)

As a conclusion, KL is a vibrant and evolving modern city. With over one and a half million people living, working and playing here, it's mainland Malaysia's most dynamic city. All of us shall look into these voices and make KL a better place to live, work and travel. We must work together as 1Malaysian to create a livable and attractive environment for residents, businesses and tourist. Once again, thank you so very much for your participation and feedback. I truly appreciate your part in making this article.


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About Everything (Malaysian Blogger)

About Lifestyle, Photography, Travel, Food & Others (UK Blogger in Malaysia)

About My Artwork, My Life, Travel & Photography (Malaysian Blogger)

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Thank You, Terima Kasih, 谢谢, நன்றி


  1. KertaZ Says:
  2. Hey.. U got a nice blog here.. Got a lot responce to about this survey.. Good luck! =)

  3. shloke Says:
  4. Hi KertaZ

    Thank you again for your participation in this survey.

    Remember to VOTE FOR ME. Click the above banner and start voting :)

    I am wishing for more stars and higher average.


  5. Hello Mylo, awesome stuff here. I'm sure you're gonna get some good points for this blog as it shows what people like and dislike about the city of KL.

    Thank you again for including me in your interviews.

    Malaysia Asia

  6. Shockerz Says:
  7. Nice write up! Hope that you get more response to improve the article.

  8. Shelyn Says:
  9. Now I know what you are doing with the survey, what a brilliant idea and the effort you put! I'm sure your blog will be successful one day.

  10. fufu Says:
  11. yeah... mr loke! you owe me a nice treat!! just got the survey done... i am damn busy these days... gotta complete my assignments before next week!! and guess what? we are going to publish a book here in germany... regarding the landscape and green area planning =p gonna be very busy as we gotta submit everything in 2weeks time... wish me all the best... lol

    okok back to your entry... nice attempt you have here... wish you would succeed ya... dont forget me when you have become a blog celebrity ok? hihihi

  12. shloke Says:
  13. David Jr

    Thanks David! I wanted something different. I wanted an entry that stands out from the others.

    David, your reply is one of the best from the overall feedback :)


    This SURVEY thingy just happened like that. Strange...I did not expect myself to do something like that. But, it works.

    Hmmm...blogging will be an occasional hobby. All of us will strive to produce a better blog :)


    Call me mylo. Only my pupils address me as 'Mr. Loke'

    Your hectic assignments reminds me of my Uni days. I am so scared of getting my master degree. Nowadays, I'm a lazy bum.

    Whoah! Book publishing??? That is AWESOME! Do you have a working title yet? Perhaps I can chip in some useful infos. Best of luck fufu! Remember to write nicely - your name and credentials will be added in the book.

    Blog celebrity? Not my cup of tea. Still enjoying my virtual anonymous status.

    To all bloggers and wonderful friends, remember to vote for my TOP 4 entry listed in blog4ft. I'm still 'struggling' to get more stars and higher average.

    Visit this link and start VOTING!


    Cheers ppl!

  14. shloke Says:
  15. Shockerz

    I missed out your reply :)

    Thank you again for your wonderful feedback! I am looking for 37 more bloggers to translate the results into statistical data.


  16. A great effort to promote KL. At least let the tourist know that we are not bias at giving tips about KL. Keep it up!

  17. shloke Says:
  18. atreyu strange

    Thank you for participating in this survey!

    Well, marketing and advertising alone are not enough to pull in the crowd (tourists). Tourist are becoming more savvy. Like us, they'll look for advice and tips given by fellow travelers before making their choice.


  19. fullmetal90 Says:
  20. hello.
    nerver tought u will display my bl0g here..
    thx for pubslihsing my blog a bit
    i can more and more people do the survey. gud luck with that

  21. xplorer Says:
  22. i had submitted the survey form

  23. Thank you Mylo, Actually, I just did a full tourist round in KL the last 2 days as I have a visitor from Hong Kong on a first trip to Malaysia.

    Tragic, I tell you. Words cannot express the many things I encountered. Maybe I should write about it... nah... after turn away all the tourist lol.

    Anyway, tomorrow I will take her to Klang for some Bak Kut Teh instead of going to KL again.

    Keep up the great work!

    Malaysia Asia

  24. shloke Says:
  25. fullmetal90 & xplorer

    No problem. As promised, all participants will be credited. Still waiting for another 33 replies before I can process the data.

    Thank you so very much for your help in making this article :)

    David Jr

    I wanted bloggers to reply without fear or favor. The replies are getting better by the minute. I'm very happy with that - HONEST & TRUTHFUL WORDS.

    No wonder...you brought your friend to Malacca right?

    No worries about writing the truth. Perhaps one day...ppl will realise what we think of KL and also steps needed to make KL a more vibrant and dynamic place for tourist. Travelers are becoming increasingly savvier.

    Ooooh..Klang Bak Kut Teh is AWESOME!

    We will work harder to make our travel blog better :)


  26. TheJessicat Says:
  27. nice dissection of KL! thanks for including me in ur interview

  28. shloke Says:
  29. ~ ♥ J E SS I C A .

    No problem!

    Thank you again for your participation!

    Calling out to 28 more respondents to fill up my survey!!!


  30. Angie Says:
  31. Singapore is miles behind Malaysia. The only good thing they've got is that it's clean and the drivers are saner (because of the difficulties of getting a vehicle).

    I just came back from Singapore and found the people very materialistic and rude (including the taxi drivers) and they are only nice to you if you're white.

  32. shloke Says:
  33. Hi Angie!

    My goodness! Taxi drivers in Asia really need to behave themselves :)


  34. eunice Says:
  35. Hi! U r so nice to create this survey and share with everyone about KL. I hope more people will know about KL!


  36. eunice Says:
  37. @Angie: Hi Angie, I'm a Singaporean. Hmm I do think that many are very practical people here but I think many city people are like that, especially our society is very fast pace and we always have to catch up quickly, considering there are now almost 5million people living in this tiny island, one of the most densely populated city in the world, and many are foreigners too. So we see all kind of people here, and there is always a chance to meet some nasty people, but generally, Singaporeans are nice people, though busy and can be impatient. :D


  38. shloke Says:
  39. eunice


    I did not expect such a good response from global bloggers. Initially, the replies were slow. I guess perseverance pay off :)

    This is my first time working on an online survey. Overall, it was a great experience! The replies were amazing - truthful and honest.

    Yep! Hopefully, this survey is able to provide some basic info to globetrotters.

    "Selamat Datang" (Translation: Welcome)

    Thank you again to Eunice & fellow bloggers for your kind assistance in making this article!

  40. §pinzer Says:
  41. This is a great initiative. Well done.

  42. shloke Says:
  43. Hi Chris!

    Thank you again for your participation!

    Best Wishes!

  44. Anonymous Says:
  45. nice blog~

  46. Unknown Says:
  47. i wish to participate in the vote. there is a lots of travel blog aout there. wish to gather everyone and ca share travel story. http://senangtravel.blogspot.com

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