At first I used to hate Photoshop (PS), but now I LOVE IT! Significant majorities have held negative perceptions of photographers who photoshopped their images. Actually, I had the same thoughts myself. I looked on them as incompetents, amateurish, fakers and unoriginal imitators. But I was dead wrong all along!

I have been playing around with different ways to retouch my pictures with PS. PS actions and effects are addictive and so much fun, and I’ve been working for the past few days to put together some nice, lovely digital paintings for all of you, my photography-obsessed friends, to enjoy. The PS experience has changed me forever. Yes, the possibilities are endless and I am very EXCITED! I need to say this...PS is a RENAISSANCE and a NEW AWAKENING! Namaste PS..."I bow to you".

I’ve been photoshopping a lot this week. I LOVE IT! And, yes, I am a PS addict! AHHH! I can sit 8 to 10 hours straight (late until 3 a.m.) editing my photos. Sometimes I hold back my breath and concentrate immensely until I get my desired results. Once I start a project I just cannot stop. I get into this zone where everything else goes out of the window. I know this sounds freaking crazy! I need PSA - Photoshop Anonymous. WAKAKA!!! Note: Wakaka is the Malaysian way of laughing, often referred to as 'ekek', 'kakaka' :)

Many people say that PS is time consuming and too difficult to master. It may look complicate from the outset, however, it is not that difficult. Well I faced the same technical barriers when I first started. PS layout was so FOREIGN to me...layer mask, editing tools, filters and many more. Although the interface can seem a little overwhelming at first, learning PS is not difficult if you have the passion and take the time to practice. I've spent many hours learning from scratch. I guess taking the time to properly learn to use PS will pay off in the end. Be sure to practice and hone your skills. The are plenty of PS tutorials for beginners. It definitely helps a lot!

Okay...enough of empty chatters. This week, I will be sharing some of my artistic digital paintings with you. These so called Picasso paintings were created entirely with PS (watercolour filter + variety of adjustments + Bittbox's Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Set II). Click HERE to read step-by-step tutorial to create your very own masterpiece painting. Stay tuned for more of my weekly PS ramblings.

Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower

Note: The clock tower was built by Tan Jiak Kim in 1886 in memory of his father Tan Beng Swee. The clock tower housed a clock which was imported from England. In 1982, a new clock by Seiko replaced the original clock which had stopped working. The Seiko clock is still installed at the clock tower, and is still in proper working condition. At Dutch Square, Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

The temple's guardian

Note: One of the two lions guarding the temple. The statue was painted in gold colour. I was leaving the temple when I saw the setting Sun. The golden light from the Sun illuminates the entire temple. The statue look like a huge chunk of gold! At Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, Cameron Highlands. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

Pre-war shophouse

Note: A pre-war building renovated into a backpacker hostel. According to statistics available, the total of pre-war buildings in Kuala Lumpur is only 2,500. And even so, the numbers are falling fast. DBKL and FT Ministry need to do more to protect these national heritage! At JalanPudu, Kuala Lumpur. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

HSBC building

Note: This HSBC Building is a Victorian neo-Renaissance building constructed in 1931. A harmonious combination of pink and white colour. At Belfield Street, Ipoh, Malaysia. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

Thailand: Land of smiles :)

Note: I asked her permission to take photos of the rambutans and duku langsat. She obliged immediately. Surprisingly, she posed candidly for me. NICE! By the way, it was funny....the traders in Hat Yai หาดใหญ่ thought I was a Korean or Japanese :) At Wet Market, HatYaiหาดใหญ่, Southern Thailand. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

It's a joyous life!

Note: I met this jolly lad when I was touring the island. He was a bit apprehensive at first seeing a photographer around. At Pulau Ketam (translation: Crab Island). Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

The golden monk

Note: Looks like a real monk. It's strange. I've seen these 'monks' in almost all Thai temples. I wonder...what is the significance of these statues? Perhaps founder of the temple? At Wat Meh Liew, Kuala Lumpur. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

On top of the world

Note: A stone statue 'sitting' on top of a building. At Grand Palace พระบรมมหาราชวัง , Bangkok, Central Thailand. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

Auntie rainbow

Note: You can buy fresh hot packets of 'sup tulang' (translation: bone soup) from this lady. Each packet contains generous portion of spicy soup and some meaty tulang. At Wet Market, Hat Yai หาดใหญ่, Southern Thailand. Click HERE to read more or click THIS to view original picture.

Last updated July 26 2010 (2:20 a.m.)

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  1. Awesome, really love these paintings thanks for sharing us. I hope you will share this type of information in the future also.

  2. fufu Says:
  3. oh my goodness!!!! you gotta give me a PS lecture when i am back next year ok? lol i love all these paintings, seriously!

  4. micki Says:
  5. Awesome! They came out nice! Especially you have them compared before the after~~

  6. lechua Says:
  7. hey i like this effect... mebbe one day i'll try to do a profile pic of myself.. but when i clicked on the step-by-step link, it appears like there are sooooo mannyy steppss!!

  8. Rafael Lam Says:
  9. Wow! Nice watercolor painting! I don't need to learn watercolor no more! But I need to learn more about photoshop! ^^

  10. londoncaller Says:
  11. Ha ha... You can print them out and put those pictures on T-shirts!
    I am sure they are going to sell good!

  12. shloke Says:
  13. London Holiday Destinations,

    Hi and welcome to my photo and travel blog!


    lol....I'm a PS beginner :) Not a sifu yet.

    Anyway, it's pretty easy to learn.




    The tutorial steps from psdTUTs may seem overwhelming at first. Once you've tried and tested it, you'll become the next next Picasso :)


    Wakaka! Photoshop is the shortcut to watercolor :) Once you tried it, you'll never look back!


    WOW! Great idea!

    Cheers to all!

  14. Shelyn Says:
  15. I have been using photoshop for many years for my school project and working task. I believe many photos out there had been photoshopped and it's really nothing wrong to photoshop it. Your photography skill still need to be good in order for the photoshop to bring out the charm of your photo.

    Great job you have done here, very nice painting transformation :-D

  16. I agree that PS really makes you and avid fan of picture editing. Cute pictures made with Photoshop. :-)

  17. shloke Says:
  18. Shelyn

    Om my...I'm a self-taught late starter. PS definitely brings out the best results. Thank you again for your kind words!

    Australian work visas,

    Hi and welcome to my photo and travel blog!


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