Woke up early this morning due to some wonderful distraction. Continuous stream of meowing sound is audible faraway. Went out and discovered at least 5 kittens moving in and out of my house. Have to say these kitties are CUTE, ADORABLE and LOVELY creatures. Sat on da floor and these fellas just prance and 'dance' all over my feet to get my attention. FEARLESS moggies!

Wanna keep them as pets. But, have to shoo them away...pity those cats...my mom is having this silly and nonsensical allergy to cats. Da moment she saw those mischievous cats running all over...she freaks out. Sad...before da kitties disappeared, I grab my faithful DSLR cam and snapped some CUTE moments. My best wishes to these kitties. Hope they will find a better family to keep them.

Picture 1 - Peekaboo...catch ya!

Picture 2 - Switching to sleeping mode in 5 seconds. Get me a pillow ASAP :)

Picture 3 - Da Solid Snake Sneaking Mode.....

Picture 4 - I need a home.....

Picture 5 - Roar!!! Here I come...Surrender now or else!

Picture 6 - Lean on me


  1. damn cute
    -from roke, a student of yrs who is still in contact who wears specs and usually stayed in at break to chat and who is nearly taller than you from skl

  2. shloke Says:
  3. yep....da fella who cannot sit still and always walk around :)

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. d kittens are ADORaBLE!!! i love them...!!!give me one

  6. shloke Says:
  7. ping pong-er,

    yep...cutie kitties. those babies are in the back lane of my house - learning to be independent.


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