Location: Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: 4 June 2008, 2.54pm
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/5.3, ISO Equiv.: 200

23rd October 2008 (Batu Caves, Malaysia - The 400 million years old limestone hills that is home to world's tallest statue of Lord Murugan)

This is my third time climbing the 272 steps of Batu Caves. Batu Caves is located at Selangor, Malaysia. It is easily accessible via Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2). I drove my car to the limestone hills and it took less than 20 minutes. Lots of parking space available...only RM2 for a day of parking. Visitors and tourist can travel to Batu Caves by either taking a taxi or boarding a Metrobus at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

As usual, I brought along my Nikon D60 DSLR camera. At the base of the hill, there are lots of pigeon and monkeys. I spent about 45 minutes there taking photos of monkeys and pigeon feeding.

After that, I paid a nominal fee to go into the Cave Villa. There is a huge man-made pond before the entrance of the Cave Villa. I can see lots of large-sized koi and some ducks paddling around the pond. At the entrance of the Cave Villa, a nice decorative pair of elephants was carved on the wall. Upon entering the cave, visitors can view over 50 traditional Indian paintings on both side of the wall. In addition, a mixed collection of Hindu's God Idols and Statues were exhibited in the cave. At the deepest part of the cave, there is a mini collection of reptiles and amphibians hosted in glass containers or small-sized aquarium. It was quite stuffy there...I am surprised with the ability of these animals to survive in the hot and humid condition.

After spending 1 hour in the Cave Villa, I decided to climb up 272 of steep steps to Batu Caves. In was a tiring effort...I need to stop and rest for one good minute for every 25 steps. Along the way, I can see lots of monkeys waiting for visitors to feed them. At the top of the cave, there is one shop selling soft drinks and another shop selling souvenirs. The cave chamber is HUGE! Droplets of water falling down from the roof. Occasionally, there was a whiff of bats' poop. The cave formation is simply AMAZING! I enjoy looking at the wall with rough, smooth and bumpy surface.

There is another 50 more steps to climb to the innermost chamber. I can see huge pieces of stalagmite and stalactite formation. Other than that, there is a huge opening at the top of the cave...enabling sufficient sunlight to penetrate the cave. After spending another 1 hour there, I climbed down the steps carefully.

Overall, Batu Caves is a MUST-SEE attraction for visitors! You need to spend at least 5 hours there to explore the entire place. There are lots of side attractions available around the Cave...including rock climbing and dark cave exploration. I truly enjoy all my trips to Batu Caves. It never fails to amaze me!

These are the photos I took at Batu Caves, Malaysia:

Picture 1 - Peeling some leftover bananas. A typical cynomolgus monkey or Crab-eating Macaque (Macaca fascicularis).

Picture 2 - Cave monkey climbing up the cave. "I have got to reach the peak of the cave and sound the alarm! Silly humans are HERE!"

Picture 3 - "Are you taking photos? Then capture this shot. It's the KUNG PAO CHICKEN style!"

Picture 4 - Got to hang tight...or else I'll be tumbling down.

Picture 5 - "Oh my GOD! Its...VERY HIGH! I am hanging on for dear life"

Picture 6 - "Stop intimidating me! NOW! or I'll poop bull's eye on your pretty face"

Picture 7 - The best spot to enjoy my banana...silly humans down there.

Picture 8 - Safe heaven.

Picture 9 - "Ah! Blissful and heavenly aroma! Mom...can I keep this?"
Picture 10 - Nah...juniors smell it and touch it...but don't ever eat it! Put it down! But MOM!
Picture 11 - Feeding time.

Picture 12 - "Ouch, my back hurts! Can someone get me a piece of salonpas? OK! I'll pay you by removing all your head lice"

Picture 13 - "Stop harassing me. I hate paparazzi! I am no Britney Spears or Mariah"

Picture 14 - "RED ALERT! A 50 m anaconda is on the loose"

Picture 15 - A private moment.

Picture 16 - "Hey guys! Can join the party? Its damn boring down here!"

Picture 17 - Pigeon feeding.

Picture 18 - "Here you go!"
Picture 19 - Standing at 42.7 meter (140.09 ft) high, the world's tallest statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity, is located outside Batu Caves. The statue, which cost approximately Rupees 24 million, is made of 1550 cubic metres of concrete, 250 tonnes of steel bars and 300 litres of gold paint brought in from neighboring Thailand.

Picture 20 - A magnificent view.

Picture 21 - To reach the inner cave, visitors have to climb a steep flight of 272 steps. Its a tiring hike! This is my third time climbing up the steps.

Picture 22 - An abandon cabin. Faded blue.

Picture 23 - Coconuts galore.

Picture 24 - Some ducks paddling away at the Cave Villa's pond.
Picture 25 - Lots of colourful koi!

Picture 26 - A pair of elephants gurading the entrance to Cave Villa.

Picture 27 - A traditional painting on display in the Cave Villa.

Picture 28 - Another painting. There are lots of painting in the Cave Villa. Visitors can read the details about every single painting to understand the traditional Hindus religion.

Picture 29 - A motif beautifully carved on the wall of Cave Villa. Look at the colours and design!

Picture 30 - The following pictures were captured in Cave Villa. Amazing limestone structures!

Picture 31 - A mixture of smooth and rough surfaces.

Picture 32 - Stripes of yellow, red and indigo at the lower wall. I wonder why the wall was painted that way.

Picture 33 - The wall is brightly lit. Light illuminated along the corridor of wall.

Picture 34 - I like this picture...smooth, bumpy and wavy wall.

Picture 35 - Another smooth wall.

Batu Caves - Getting there

Batu Caves is located in Gombak district, which is accessible through Jalan Kuching and Middle Ring Highway. The easiest way to get to Batu Caves is to take the KTM commuter train from KL Sentral station to the Sentul Station.

Otherwise you can catch a bus from downtown KL, click here for more info on buses to Batu Caves. 

* During Thaipusam, there are many public buses that take you there from Puduraya and Kotaraya. Just look out for signs indicating Batu Caves. The LRT and KTM also operates till late to accommodate passengers.

For more information, call KTM at +6 03 2267 1200 or visit http://www.ktmb.com.my/ 

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. wow, those pictures are so neat! I especially love the pictures of the monkeys. nice work!

  3. Roke Says:
  4. nice pictures... but I've never been up there before. Sms u tommorow


  5. shloke Says:
  6. Jessica,

    Glad you like those pictures. Thanks for the commments!


    This coming holidap can ask pop and mom to have a half day tour to Batu Caves. Lots of stuff to explore...including Dark Cave and Cave Villa exploration plus Rock Climbing.


  7. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

    Your pictures are amazing. Especially loved the monkey ones. I've never been to Malaysia, but I'd love to at some point!

  8. shloke Says:
  9. Cynthia,

    No problem! I like your pictures taken with creative angle and perspective! (A GOOD mixture of different themes).

    Thanks for your comments! Lots of wonderful places to visit in Malaysia. I welcome you to Malaysia - Truly Asia :)


  10. Shelyn Says:
  11. Nicely written blog with fantastic photos.

    Saw your profile, you just started blogging in Aug huh? Same here... a lot more to blog. Hope to discover more places that I have never been from your blog.

  12. shloke Says:
  13. shelyn,

    Gee..thanks! I am not really that good in English. A bit of personal description here and there :)

    Yep...agree have to add more posts. Longing to backpack to exotic places like Tibet, China and India...sadly not that financially OK for now :(

    So, for the time being, just travel around Malaysia.


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