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Title: Roof to Heaven
Location: Inner Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 22 November 2008, 9.08am
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/8.0, ISO Equiv.: 100
A typical Chinese Temple in Penang.

My very first Penang trip was a short one. But, I tried my best to explore all of the famous historical sites around Penang; especially those granted with UNESCO Heritage status.

The heritage sites of Penang encompasses buildings constructed by the British during the colonial era, clan temples of the various Chinese clan associations, religious structures including temples, mosques, churches and shrines, and other structures, including pre-war shop houses within the inner city.

For your information, both Georgetown,Penang and city of Malacca was jointly granted a UNESCO Heritage status on 26th July 2008. Please bear in mind only certain location in inner Georgetown was declared as a worthy heritage site. Georgetown itself is divided into core zone (location of all the heritage sites) and buffer zone.

Remember to follow my second and third post to learn more about buildings in Penang.

Penang UNESCO HERITAGE SITES - A Walking Tour:

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Penang UNESCO HERITAGE SITES Location (Google Maps):

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