I found my HEAVEN at Penang Botanic Garden (Part 1)

Posted by shloke 03 December 2008
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Title: Me and froggie
Location: Botanic Garden, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 23 November 2008, 1.26pm
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/7.1, ISO Equiv.: 100
BOO-YEAH!!! Here I come, froggie!

Title: What are you looking at?
Location: Botanic Garden, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 23 November 2008, 1.25pm
Camera: Nikon D60 with Aperture: f/5.6, ISO Equiv.: 100

Getting ready for my leap of faith.

A picture of me and this little green froggie. I found a secluded waterfall spot in the botanic garden. I removed my shoes, take off my stockings and dip my tired legs into the falls. It was a blissful and the most relaxing moment in my life. The water flowing down into the stream was icy cold. I spent one hour there. This little froggie was laying still on a big piece of stone by the waterfall. Later the froggie leap and swam against the current to the opposite direction.

The waterfall at Penang Botanical Garden

Penang Botanical Garden - Getting Here:

It is possible to walk to Penang Botanic Gardens from the Weld Quay Bus Terminal. Across cross Pengkalan Weld by the pedestrian bridge, turn left and walk until you reach the junction with Gat Lebuh Chulia. Turn right and walk the distance until you arrive at Penang Botanic Gardens. Click here http://www.penang-traveltips.com/weld-quay-bus-terminal.htm

More info:

a) http://www.penang-traveltips.com/penang-botanic-gardens.htm

Penang Botanical Garden Location (Google Maps):

View Penang: Penang Botanic Gardens in a larger map


  1. QuaChee Says:
  2. this is such a good close up :) like the contrast :)

  3. shloke Says:
  4. Thanks!

    I was a bit hesitant putting those froggie pics at first. Honestly, I am not too happy with those pics, especially the first picture - the froggie seems to be a bit princess like pose.


  5. QuaChee Says:
  6. lol yr comment funny lah :) anyway, yes the 2nd pic is better. see the frog more natural

  7. shloke Says:
  8. Quachee,

    Looking back at picture 2...I can see the froggie is getting ready to make a back flip bungee jumping into the water fall.

    "Wee! Here I go, dude...SPLOSH!!!"


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