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A trip to Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam (Malaysia Agriculture Park) is not complete without a visit to Rumah Empat Musim (Four Season House). Entrance fee is RM3. Sigh...the Four Season House is a BIG LETDOWN! The 'house' is small with limited exhibit. What a shame. I took only 5 minutes to explore the entire building. Nothing to shout about. Wasted my three bucks :(

Mushroom park is a JOKER - NOTHING THERE. The two buildings that supposed to house these fungi were locked and left to rot. Hydroponic garden is way better. Local veggies such as chilies and cabbage are cultivated using hydroponic system.

Overall, Taman Pertanian Malaysia is still a MUST-SEE attraction. You'll need at least one full day to explore the entire park. It was a tiring trip but I enjoyed every single moment.


  1. fufu Says:
  2. hahahaa...i still see many awesome pictures... rm3 real not worth it?? erm...luckily the botanic garden i had been in penang is free of charge! if not i would really visit Mr Lim and complain to him!! because really nothing to see there... but no doubt a nice place to chill out... relax.... i am sorting out the pictures now... too many pictures taken... gotta arrange...but i dont have much time... =p wish i have 48hrs a day lol

  3. shloke Says:
  4. Gee...thanks. Honestly, I'm no pro photographer. I just snap here and there :)

    Trust me. the four season house look like a small house. The ppl. are not creative enough. More like a doll house to me lol :)

    fufu, I know it's not easy to organize ur photo collections. Take ur time. Fufu fans are waiting eagerly for more!!! BTW, thank you for sharing all the great stuff.

    U remind me of Herbet Wong


  5. fufu Says:
  6. wow... herbet wong has a great blog!!! i wish i could travel like herbet as well... and nice photos there!

    hihihi... yeah at least the amateur knows it indeed needs lots of time to organise those pictures... but anyway i will do my best to speed up since many of you are awaiting for the pictures =p

    i am also a beginner... still learning hard to take good pictures XD it's real my pleasure to be able to share those pictures with you guys, glad you guys like them :)

    yeah you too should update more often... i wanna see your pictures as well... we all gonna learn from each other ya, agree? *p*

  7. shloke Says:
  8. @fufu,

    Maxis Broadband is driving me nuts :( Ultra slow connection.

    I checked ur blog today, but my internet connection is damn slow................I can only see one or two pictures of ur Penang trip. I'll revisit ur blog again the next day :)

    I think 'brother' Herbert is a backpacker traveler and also a keen photographer. Me too...wish I can travel like that as well :)

    The best thing about your pictures are those emotions (happiness + enjoyment).

    BTW, I'm traveling to Cameron Highlands (2nd trip) and your hometown Perak (1st trip) by next week. Will be updatng some photos soon.

    Gee...some bloggers were also asking me to put my own pics. I guess I'm not ready to be in 'public' due to my nature of job.


  9. fufu Says:
  10. wow...cameron? i wanna go there too!! you are going alone or what? can i tumpang also?? hihihihi tell me if i could follow you guys! tumpang the accommodation and transpot... save money.... :)

    yah you shall visit my blog again!! bet you would live some of the pictures =p still most of them are not as pretty as yours... i need to improve my skill =p still playing with the functions XD

  11. shloke Says:
  12. @fufu,

    Yep...Cameron Highlands. I just packed some clothes and went to CH on a 2D 1N trip. It just happened like that - spur of the moment.

    fufu, sorry....I was already there in CH when you wrote this msg. Maybe next time we can find more buddies for a great CH trip together :)

    Well, I really love your exploration to wonderful places, great kakis and also your photos as well.


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