Photo Assignment: "Emotions" [The Winners]

Posted by shloke 13 August 2011
It's 2:30 a.m., Saturday morning and I'm pretty much awake. My mind won't shut off, I keep thinking of things I should do, write and say about my Facebook Weekly Photo Assignment. I guess I'm a little bit too excited. we go...

As you probably know by now, I'm the sole admin of A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog (MPTB) Facebook page. MPTB had a humble beginning. It started out as an ordinary Facebook page - with the intention of sharing my blog posts via Facebook. As time progressed I have improved the design to suit a wide range of audience. I've learnt FBML (Facebook Markup Language), CSS, jQuery and JavaScript. A lot of effort has been put into making MPTB as interactive as possible.

Today, MPTB has a total of 5 interactive iFrame tabs and 2 canvas applications. ✓ Weekly Theme is my latest pet project. It's a Weekly Photo Assignment - fans were encouraged to post photo that best represent the ✓ Weekly Theme. It started off slow, but gradually picked up. I'm thankful to my Facebook friends and fans for participating in the Weekly Photo Assignment.

I was expecting 50 entries, but it didn't materialize. Darn! But on the positive side of things, I've received a sizable number of good entries. Looking through the pictures just makes my heart melt - a mixture of emotions (happiness, sadness, burdened, loneliness, confusion and excitement). I love the uniqueness, style and approach. Great job fans, and thanks a ton for making this happen!

It's a hard decision, I LOVE them all, but here it is: THE TOP 8+3 PHOTOS that best represent Theme 1: EMOTIONS. Congrats peeps! You photo has been published on my Facebook ✓ Weekly Theme tab. Check it out!

Without further ado, here are the Top Photos of the Week (in random order). Which one of these photos touch you the most? Show your love by leaving a comment below!

Title: Confuesed and Clueless
Photographer: Thirukumaran Murugaya
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Title: Shocked and surprised
Photographer: Peck Hong
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Photographer: Kynki Lee
Title: Happy and mischievious
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Photographer: Amiro Sama
Title: Sleepy
Flickr | Website | Facebook

Photographer: Joe Cheong Mun Chew
Title: 沉重的负担 aka Burdened
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Photographer: Victor Koay
Title: Smiling Kangaroo
Flickr | Website | Facebook

Photographer: Awang Kassim
Title: I'm not alone

Photographer: Dain Lee
Title: The Coffee Shop
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Photographer: Dark-Q Photography
Title: Eyes: it lays the beauty of the beholder..
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Photographer: Linus Koh
Title: Do I look cool?
Flickr | Blog | Facebook

Photographer: Tan Tek Jau
Title: The childhood dream
Flickr | Website | Facebook

Note: All copyrights belong to respective photographers.
Last updated: August 13th, 2011 (8:49 p.m.)


  1. 小鎮 Says:
  2. Thank You! happy happy!!

  3. shloke Says:
  4. Thanks for sharing your photos, Kynki Lee!

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