Photo Assignment: "Black and White" [The Winners]

Posted by shloke 11 September 2011
First of all I would like to apologise for the delay in releasing the winners list. I've been quite busy with a few things lately, and to make matters worse, my ISP has been giving me @&^%$* bandwidth. Here's the good news: I'm writing again! It's Saturday night, it's raining and I'm typing away. WOOHOO!

Black and white photography has always been my very favorite. Its classic and elegant photographic look is TIMELESS! It can have a powerful effect but too much of it is never a good thing. Being able to recognize stunning subject matter, perfect lighting and distinctive textures will help create a once in a lifetime black and white shot.

One of my favourite all time B&W photographer is Vivian Maier, a nanny cum street photog. Her black and white photographs, many taken in the 1950s and 60s, captured the energy and feeling of the world as she viewed it. Simplicity and talent matters! My other favourite is Ying Tang, a renowned street photog from Cologne, Germany. These ladies have been a huge inspiration to me. Check out the YouTube video below for more information.

Okay, the time has arrived to announce the winners of our Third Weekly Theme: Black & White. Congrats peeps, you've done really well! Stay tuned for our 4th Weekly Photo Assignment. Until then, ADIOS AMIGOS! <(^_^<)

Note: The photos are now available for public view in A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog Facebook page. Look for ✓ Weekly Theme tab.

Title: Untitled Photo
Photographer: Linus Koh
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What Alex Loke says "The striking contrast of a black and white wedding theme is a stunning choice when planned correctly. Linus have captured the wedding photo from a beautiful angle - the bride's white wedding dress stands out against the darker rows of pews. A well-planned and creatively done picture."

Title: Wondrous Cloud
Photographer: Koid Xian Zheng

What Alex Loke says "The composition on this photograph is just perfect, and framing is everything. Those puffy white clouds, sandy plain and grayish sky really draw us in. I looked at this photograph and instantly said out-loud “oooh I just LOVE that!

Wait guys, there's one more thing, the wondrous cloud reminds me of an impending tornado or perhaps a full-blown radioactive disaster. Something like Resident Evil (o.O)"

Title: Taking a bath
Photographer: Irsam Soetarto

What Alex Loke says "There's Something About Ducky. Several things that caught my attention: the proud ducky pose, splash of water and the 'sparkling' beak. It would have been superb if Irsam captured the extended flapping wings in ACTION."

Title: Untitled Photo
Photographer: Chang Ching
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What Alex Loke says "Beautiful reflection shot! I LOVE the lotus and its shadow, the pearl-like water drops and the grayish water . Having said that, Chang can experiment with different angles to eliminate the distracting lotus leaf at the bottom.

Title: Thinking makes us mature
Photographer: Hakim Takiyuddin

What Alex Loke says "The background...I think it's a lil distracting. Don't get me wrong. This is a nice portrait. I like the side angle shot, showing the man in deep thought. It's almost perfect, but the cluttered background keeps me thinking too."

Title: Love in Black and White
Photographer: Parwaiz Win

What Alex Loke says "Love is in the air ♪ ♫ The loving gaze and of course her gentle hand reaching for her beloved hubby :) I'd really like to see a close-up shot which captures the beautiful smiles."

Title: Hopeless
Photographer: Tan Tek Jau

What Alex Loke says "I looked at this picture and felt something strangely familiar...the scary, cold-like and creepy moments. Now I remember! It's that heart-stopping scene in Silent Hill! The wind blown grass, the dead trees, the mountains and the doomsday sky. SCARY... yet BEAUTIFUL! "

Title: Traveling alone
Photographer: Chin Chiou Wei
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What Alex Loke says "This is another well-composed photo! The landscape was occupied with that amazing sky. The remaining 1/4 of the photo was filled with gorgeous elements - the river, the boat and faraway hills.

An excellent contrast ratio: lighter top and darker bottom. Well done, Chin! "

Title: Tree by the beach
Photographer: Ken Hong Wong
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What Alex Loke says "My eyes were immediately transfixed when I saw the TREE. The trunk looks like a human body, the curve branches remind me of fingers and hair. An excellent choice for black and white."

Title: Taiping Lake Garden
Photographer: Dain Lee
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What Alex Loke says "Big scary trees look even better in black and white! I bet Tim Burton would LOVE Taiping Lake Garden. A perfect location for Sleepy Hollow 2: The Revenge of The Dead Gnarled Tree!"

Title: Time is less
Photographer: Raymond Pung

What Alex Loke says "This photo deserves an honorable mention. The one and only submission shot with Kodax Professional T-Max 400 35mm B&W film. It has a classic look and it makes you think...Who is this man? Where is this place? The time...Get your answer by clicking the HI-RES link."

Note: All copyrights belong to respective photographers.

Jay Shefsky for the Chicago Tonight show at WTTW in Chicago tells the story of Vivian Maier. More about Vivian: Website | Facebook | Wikipedia

Read my exclusive interview with Ying Tang on Facebook, ✓ The Interviews

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