Photo Assignment: "Street Shots" [The Winners]

Posted by shloke 20 October 2011
Everyone can own a camera but not everyone can take that PERFECT street shot. The burning question..."What makes a great street photo?" Expensive camera gears? Luck? or just Candid Snaps?

Here's what I think – A great street photograph must elicit more than a quick glance and moment of recognition from the viewer. A sense of mystery and intrigue should remain. Give me a REASON to remember your photograph. As the great French street photographer Robert Doisneau (April 14, 1912 – April 1, 1994) commented: ‘If I knew how to take a good photograph, I’d do it every time.’

Nowadays, there are many street photogs out there. I have seen several thousands street shots, but for me, only one photographer stands out above the crowd. Meet Bruce Gilden, a noted street photographer, known for his uncompromising, in-your-face approach to street photography. A member of Magnum Photos since 1998, he shot images of Japan's Yakuza mobsters, the homeless, prostitutes, and members of bike gangs.

Bruce is an exceptionally talented photographer with an eye for fascinating moments and idiosyncratic details. And, I can tell you that he certainly is an inspiration! In a short documentary titled "Bruce Gilden - WNYC Street Photography Project.", he shares his successes, trials and tribulations in the photography industry. A highly recommended docu-film! Scroll down to watch.


1. Click here to view images by Bruce Gilden, Magnum: SEE PHOTOS
2. Bruce Gilden in an exclusive interview with The British Journal of Photography: READ

It's time to announce The Weekly Photo Assignment, Theme 5 winners. The response has been encouraging and the overall quality of submissions had improved. Thank you to all of you for making it happen! A new theme will be announced soon.


The photos are now available for public view on A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog Facebook iFrame tab. Look for ✓ Weekly Theme.

Bonus Download:

There's more! I would like to share with you not one but TWO illustrative e-books on Street Photography, written by renowned photog, Mr. Thomas Leuthard. These two E-BOOKS are A MUST for street photogs wannabe:

>> Going Candid (PDF, 96 pages, 10.9MB)
>> Collecting Souls (PDF, 99 pages, 8.15MB)

Title: The Street Preacher
Photographer: Nadly Aizat

What Alex Loke says - This section is no longer available. I encourage fans to visit the entries and make some comments. Click "View HI-RES" to read my critiques and comments. Thanks, peeps.

Title: Responsibilities
Photographer: Farhah Abdullah-Simard

What Farhah said "The photo, those memories is one of the happy time I had with my in law, before we're always going out 4 of us, everywhere except when we travelled overseas..... now, my mother in law just passed away due to cancer and my father in law too sick to going out..."

My reply "I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your mother-in-law, it's always a hard thing to go through. I wish you strength in dealing with this.

I know it is hard, but believe me, there is always hope. As much as possible, look into the bright side of everything. Send him my very best regards and wishing him a speedy recovery".

Note: Thanks for sharing, Farhah :)

Title: City streets at night.....
Photographer: Kynki Lee

Title: Old Bike
Photographer: Dain Lee

Title: ‎"济公" Iconic person of Kulim
Photographer: Koid Xian Zheng

Title: Kids Dance
Photographer: Irsam Soetarto

Title: Untitled Photo
Photographer: Che Mat Mohd Nor

Title: Lord of The Rings
Photographer: Joseph Teo

Title: Vegetable Heaven
Photographer: Pubalan Kumaravelu

Title: Wall of padlocks
Photographer: Malin Kundang Jr.

Title: Untitled Photo
Photographer: Awang Kassim

What AK said "I always take notice on bad things first, and Kuala Lumpur has always aggravated me with her worst first. To my conservative thought; this is a sex city, also a city of churlish dwellers, a city full of irascible drivers, a city polluted with artificial sorrowful looking street beggars".

My reply "Unfortunately, the bad will often stick with us longer than the good. Kuala Lumpur? She's a city filled with inconsiderate drivers, constant traffic jams, materialistic peeps and boorish city slickers. The mounting pressure of modern living has taken its toll on many people's lives.

On the bright side, Kuala Lumpur is a city that never sleeps, so full of life every minute of the day. Thanks for sharing, AK. You picture depicts the her true character - busy, busy, busy".

Note: All copyrights belong to respective photographers.

WNYC Street Shots: Bruce Gilden

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  1. Rafael Lam Says:
  2. Very interesting street shots!
    Thanks for introduce these great photographers and their websites!

  3. Traveler Says:
  4. Very professional pics. When i look at pictures like those it gets me sad feeling sometimes. It is sad watching people suffering on the streets while there are so many people that have money they can never count. Anyway it is a great post.

  5. lunaticg Says:
  6. I also love to take street shots and don't think camera is an issue. Its how you capture the moment and the end result.
    Great shots.

  7. Simon Lee Says:
  8. I like the shot on kid dance, where you shot this photo?

  9. Mr Vince Says:
  10. wow! very stunning photos!

  11. Thristhan Says:
  12. Interesting photos. Wish I had a high class camera to take shots like this. But then again, it's more of the photographer that the tool right?

  13. Kimura Says:
  14. I like those images in Black & White is very cool.

  15. Unknown Says:
  16. Short but informative article. You wanted to describe your things in a short manner . Probably you are the successful one.Petter Joe

  17. rekaryaseni Says:
  18. wow! very stunning photos!

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