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I’ve spent a net total of RM224 on my 2D/1N Cameron Highlands trip. It was meant to be a budget trip with a maximum allocation of RM200. But, I guess blowing an additional RM24 is no big deal. I cannot help myself trying out different kinds of food. I just have to taste them. My mom loves those green veggies I brought back from Cameron. She enjoyed eating the raw corns!

During this 2D 1N solo trip, I’ve explored BOH’s tea estate in Habu, reached 360° Viewpoint in Habu, climbed Mount Brinchang, visited aboriginal village, Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, Cactus Point, Veggie Farm, Highlands Strawberry Farm, Mountain Strawberry Park, day market and Brinchang night market. I preferred to explore these places UP, CLOSE & PERSONAL. It can be a tiring hike or even a long walk up to the plantation. But, I guess this is the best possible way to enjoy what nature has to offer.

If you’re seeking a relaxing trip with endless green, Cameron Highlands is the recommended place. Looking back, I treasured every single moment. My legs are itchy again. I’m leaving KL this Thursday. I’ll be exploring the mysterious Kellie’s Castle, discover Taiping, tasting Ipoh’s famous delicacies and more.


  1. fufu Says:
  2. wow...224?? kind expensive!! anyway a good trip nevertheless... can judge from those pictures... i wanna visit teh boh plantation too... bring me there next time =p wow so many different kind of cactus ya... cool!!

  3. xplorer Says:
  4. planning your trip to perak.I suggest sungai klah hotspring resort in sungkai and bukit larut.I also heard that there is a very nice nasi lemak stall in taiping near the lake garden.I had been to Kuala Gula , its kind of interesting too.Consider also kuala sepetang and sample the MEE UDANG MAK NGAH, quite famous in Kuala sepetang

  5. shloke Says:
  6. @fufu,

    I know it's expensive. I guess the highway toll, packet of strawberry fruits and the fish head curry are the most expensive stuff during my trip. Traveling to CH by bus will cut down my budget at least 40%. But, moving from one places to another in Cameron Highlands with the public bus is a pain in the arse. The regal bus service is unreliable and you'll have to wait at least two hours for a bus traveling from Brinchang to the tea plantation. The taxi fee in CH is damn expensive!!

    Nonetheless, I wish to follow fufu one day to learn the backpacker tricks.

    fufu, if you LOVE cactus, CH is a great place! I think there are two to three HUGE cactus farm over there. Over thousands of cactus plants! OK, fufu, I think it's good to have a traveling kaki. Will be happy if fufu can join next time. Promise :)


    WOW! Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations. I'll try to detour to Sg. Klah hot spring. Bukit Larut/Maxwell Hill is one of my prime destination in Taiping together with Taiping Lake Garden, Zoo and Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve.

    Speaking about nasi lemak, I'm salivating now! I'm SO HUNGRY. Need to take my breakfast in a moment. I'll definitely visit that Taiping stall.

    Hmmm....about Kuala's very similar to Kuala Kurau. A place to see migratory birds and fishing activities. I guess, I'll skip Kuala Gula.

    MEE UDANG MAK NGAH - he..he a four YUMMYLICIOUS words. See whether I'll be able to spent some time over there.

    Thank you to all,

  7. you have a nice blog :) tis is my first time visit here, will follow up with your posts in future, thanks for sharing with us :)

  8. fufu Says:
  9. would be my pleasure to share my adventures with you guys ya =p erm... you have fun in perak...ya...though i wanna join you...but anyway take care...

  10. shloke Says:
  11. @Kai & Baobei,

    Thank you for dropping by. I also like your blog Paper cloud Collections. Great photos!

    I LOVE the nightlife in OSAKA. The setting, the streets and everything else seems to be SO ALIVE & CREATIVE. Wish I was there :)


    Thank you fufu. You too have a great trip :)

    Best Wishes,

  12. xplorer Says:
  13. i'm going to cameron highland tomorrow.i will again "pow" a bagfull of tea leaves from the boh plantation

  14. shloke Says:
  15. @xplorer,

    'Ta Pao' Again? Must be the green tea addiction :)

    I just returned from Perak. The road to the north of Malaysia was jam-packed with vehicles.

    Hope to see some pictures about the homemade green brew.

    Happy holidays!

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