Happy 2nd Anniversary MPTB!

Posted by shloke 16 September 2010

A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog is now officially two years old! Happy Malaysia Day + Happy Birthday MPTB :) This will be my blog post number 228. When I was little, I thought time went by so slowly. Now I found that time flies so quickly. Time flies so fast when I'm at home! Don't you feel that there isn't enough hours in one day? That's how I'm feeling right now. I've been spending many hours creating the above Mega Birthday Banner - from 9 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. and more editing and fine tuning the next day 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Total overtime? 11 hours in total :) Photoshop can be just as addictive as drugs.

My achievement and photography works could not be possible without your support. Again, thank you for reading and responding to my blog articles. I ♥ YOU ALL! お誕生日おめでとう MPTB!

Great news! A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog is now accessible on the ever-popular social networking site, Facebook.com! If you are on Facebook, I would love it if you would become a fan of my official page.

Last updated September 17th, 2010 (9:22 p.m.)


  1. fufu Says:
  2. but why there's a monster? oh no...are those our national cars?? lol and skull, scary ><

    anyway anyway reading this... i realised that i have been blogging from almost nearly 7yrs already.... time flies :)

  3. Thomas Lee Says:
  4. Happy Anniversary MPTB!

  5. shloke Says:
  6. That mylosaurus is ME :) I'm going to wipe out all my competitors. MUAHAHAHA!!! Just kidding. Mylosaurus represent a grown-up version of me. It signifies a BIGGER, BOLDER & BETTER side of my photographic development. Nothing scares me! That skull thingy is my alter ego :)

    WOW!!! 7 years of blogging??? You're da man!

  7. eunice Says:
  8. Happy Blog Birthday!!! U've come so far!

    Hey very nice poster! I totally agree with you, PS can be very addictive, and bad for health due to late nite/early morning sleep!

    wah fufu 7 yrs of blogging... :S Hmm.. I think I forgot abt my blog birthday this yr LOL.. my blog is also 2 yrs old, a few mths older than urs hehe "born" in April, is a Taurus, I think. lol

  9. Ha ha... I don't remember my birthday...
    Maybe it's best to avoid it - it tells me how fast I age!!! Ha ha...

    Mylosaurus? Are you sure that's not Godzilla?

    Anyway, happy birthday! :)
    Where's your birthday cake?

  10. Rafael Lam Says:
  11. Congratulations for 2nd Anniversary!
    These posters are so funny, I'm thinking of a great party!

  12. lechua Says:
  13. we're seeing more of the creative side now! HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TO MPTB... your blog has indeed shared some amazing stuff on malaysia... great job and i always enjoy visiting - learn more things about my own country hoho. Keep it UP!!!

  14. Shelyn Says:
  15. Happy Birthday to your blog! It's now literally your baby and you have just made your baby an amazing poster as the birthday gift, so lovely!

    The quality of your posts have been getting better and better over the 2 years, congratulation! And let's work hard together to achieve our dreams!

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. :D its an awesome blog, getting better and better. 2 years of reading this blog? So fst already? ;)

    Anyways, i hope it keeps getting better.

    As always,
    KiNG. (Nevin)

  18. micki Says:
  19. Great poster you did! Indeed time goes so fast especially in editing photos and creating graphics. Congrat on your great success and efforts for these 2 years. What a great blog you are creating! I really enjoy each of your post. I just returned from the trip to China and Taiwan. Talk to you soon! :)

  20. shloke Says:
  21. thomas, eunice, london caller, Rafael, lechua, Shelyn, anon the King & micki,

    Thanks for your great support. I'll work harder to produce even better results. 加油!


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