PENANG: Unseen And Unpublished (Part 1)

Posted by shloke 19 October 2010
There is a saying from Jaime Ardiles-Arce (former architect turned photographer) "It's important to be sure of yourself and NEVER RELEASE anything that's not your BEST - only the images that are worthy of your vision". I have taken thousands of pictures in the last two years. About one third were unpublished due to numerous reasons e.g. underexposed, overexposed or just slipped into oblivion.

But everything changes when I discover the power of Photoshop (PS). It can transform an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. PS will let you do anything and everything you can think of. I know I've said this before, but PS is truly a MIRACLE.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I was busy with a couple of things recently. So let me try to get back my blogging momentum :) I've recently returned from the fabulous island of Penang aka Pearl of Orient. It's a short and exciting trip with plenty of photo opportunities. I will be writing a series of mini travelogues whenever I can. I'll keep it short, because I do not want to bore you with details. So here are some of my random clicks from Penang.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Penang Unseen & Unpublished. Until then, ciao & 再见!

Title: A perfect moment in time <阿弥陀佛♥ - Amitabha♥>
About: I'm a sucker for close-up shot. The statues of Buddha caught my attention. There are rows and rows of similar figurines. I can't take my eyes off Buddha's calm and serene face. I was walking around in circles until I found this perfect moment - a statue illuminated with natural light. PICTURE PERFECT!

Title: Old is Gold <槟城旧店屋 - Old shop houses in Penang>
About: This picture bring back memories. A row of old buildings located within the Penang UNESCO site. I like old shop houses and this row is very interesting.

Title: Joss sticks <祈祷和平 - Pray for peace>
About: These joss sticks emit a very fragrant smell. So let's all take a DEEP breath and RELAX :)

Title: Look at me! <槟城欢迎您 - Welcome to Penang!>
About: A creepy shot in a Thai temple. Did you notice the urns behind this serious looking monk?

Title: Would you do it for a Scooby Snack? <我的耳朵★ - My ears>
About: WOOF! WOOF! Stumbled upon a younger Scooby-Doo. Gotta love those floppy ears :)

Title: From a distance <山华人庙宇 - Chinese Temple, Hill>
About: A faraway view of the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas. I should have taken the shortcut.

Title: The Hand of God <黄金手势 - Gold gesture>
About: I am not a religious man but the above Buddha's hand gesture captured my attention. Can someone help me decipher this? What is the meaning of this hand gesture?

Title: The Guardian <天空是极限 - the sky is the limit>
About: A life-size bronze guardian statue at the top of Kek Lok Si 极乐寺 temple. It was a HOT DAY in Penang. I was trying to avoid the glare from the sun. Lucky to have a beautiful blue sky :)

Title: Big lantern <点燃灯笼 - Lit the lantern>
About: There are plenty of Chinese mansion in Penang. I lost count of how many times I saw these mansions. But one thing is for sure, this mansion is located at Penang UNESCO HERITAGE zone. A mansion steeped in history.

Title: Religious art <珍贵文物 - Precious relic>
About: Beautiful 3D wall art.

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  1. fufu Says:
  2. wow nice pictures, as always! will definitely learn PS once i am back home ya :) erm... miss penang hawker food :p

  3. micki Says:
  4. You give good title to each of your photo, very meaningful! It really makes me to think and gives a deeper look at the photo~~

  5. eunice Says:
  6. niceee! so artistic

  7. shloke Says:
  8. fufu,

    Thanks! Learning Photoshop is not difficult, but becoming a master of PS is :)

    2011 awaits you with a warm welcome.

    micki & eunice,

    Wow, thanks!

    Cheers all!

  9. The colours are superb.
    Which effect did you use? Very 1960s feeling.
    I think I have only been to Penang once or twice...

  10. lechua Says:
  11. like the change to the colour tone u've done - set's the mood for the older Penang scene

  12. Rafael Lam Says:
  13. About the Capoeira, Josephine told me the monthly fee is MOP$500 around 200 Ringgit,
    and have 3 days practice for a week!

  14. Rafael Lam Says:
  15. Very nice photos! Photoshop is great and sometimes really need it!
    I like the title you put, make them like posters!

  16. shloke Says:
  17. london caller & lechua,

    Hey guys, I'm using Alien Skin Exposure 3. Check this out! Amazing effects!


    WOW!!! Only MOP$500 per month + 3 practices a week? Now that's a bargain! Thanks for the info! Capoeira looks GOOD!

    Thanks Rafael for your kind words. Nowadays, I cannot live without Photoshop. It's the MOTHER of all tools :)


  18. All are the very beautiful, delightful and amazing destinations which are all packed by the mob of travelers with the true enthusiasm and joy of traveling for sure

  19. Angelina Says:
  20. Nice post with excellent pictures. The pictures alone would make me want to go there, because they show how much character the place has!

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