Photo Assignment: "Animal Planet" [The Winners]

Posted by shloke 29 September 2011
I was fortunate to have grown up surrounded by a variety of animals - dogs, birds, reptiles, and creepy crawlies. I used to have several pet dogs, my dad owned some award-winning singing birds and my siblings had a trove of reptiles. It seems that everybody loves animals, ...well almost. My mom despised them to the core! The debate about keeping animals, "hygiene" issues and blah, blah, was a constant arguments . I would rather not to bore you with the details.

Recently I've stumbled upon Dr Rayya, a self-confessed animal lover and a dedicated vet based in Australia. I must say that I have become fascinated and in awe, not only by her charm and lovely nature, but also her passion for showering love and affection on the animals under her care. Here are some snippets from Dr Rayya's Facebook page. You can also follow her work at

Note: This is not an advertisement :)

Time flies fast, indeed. We are now approaching Weekly Photo Assignment: Theme 5. So without further adieu, I'd like to announce the TOP 9 WINNERS for Theme 4: "Animal Planet". Some of the photos I have already received are just so damned CUTE and AMAZING! Komodo lizard from Indonesia, a curious squirrel, chubby puppy in Vietnam, pollen filled bee and many more. Congrats peeps!

Note: The photos are now available for public view on A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog Facebook page. Look for ✓ Weekly Theme tab.

Title: Constant Vigilance
Photographer: Koid Xian Zheng

What Alex Loke says "This is a GORGEOUS shot! What makes it so special? Here's my analysis. 1st - A well-executed B&W photograph is a creation of timeless grace and beauty. I love how your black and white fit this perfectly! 2nd - One specific thing that caught my attention: interesting bird pose (especially the curve-like head part) 3rd - The black feathery stripe and the cautionary eye is definitely an attention grabber. SUPERB shot, Koid!"

Title: Bee or Fly?
Photographer: Nadly Aizat

What Alex Loke says "I don't care whether it's a bee, fly or wasp, this picture speaks VOLUME! The five things that caught my attention:

1) Gigantic compound eyes
2) Speckles of yellow pollen grain
3) Yellowish petals
4) The contrast (darker background) +
5) A well-cropped photo

Well done, Nadly!"

Title: Untitled Photo
Photographer: Cajetan Clement

What Alex Loke says "The fearsome look caught my attention. Punk hairstyle, stylish goatee, staring eyes and that smirk on his face. Trust me, you don't want to mess with Mayas The Orangutan".

Title: Arrogant
Photographer: Irsam Soetarto

What Alex Loke says "While a good photographer should always keep the basics in mind, a great shot mostly consists of being at the right place at the right time. Irsam has captured this moment perfectly. In this picture you can clearly see the fork-like tongue of the dragon, the arrogant and sturdy look, the armored parts, sharp claws and the predator eyes.

Having said that, I'd love to see the the remaining body parts - hind legs and tail, all in one picture".

Note: Irsam's work is currently featured on A Malaysian Photo and Travel Blog Facebook page. Click HERE to view a collection of his BEST PHOTOS in HI-RES.

Title: Cat and Butterfly
Photographer: Chang Ching
Flickr | Blog | Facebook | View HI-RES

What Alex Loke says "A beautiful candid shot! The cat eyes speak a thousand words. I'm still trying to figure out what was going through the cat's mind...hungry? stunned? annoyed? angry? or perhaps scared of the winged creature?

What makes a good photo? Simple. When a picture makes you think! I bet everyone of us wants to know what happened next" 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Title: Untitled Photo
Photographer: Farhah Abdullah-Simard

What Alex Loke says "A daydreaming monkey against the beautiful backdrop of Jaipur. Love the composition! The sleeping position is kinda COOL. I LIKE it a lot! So I did a bit of research online and found out...Old World monkeys sleep in a sitting position, while New World monkeys tend to sleep lying down. So I guess we could call it The Sleeping New World Ape of Jaipur." (*^.^*)

Title: I See You!
Photographer: Loh Mei Hwa
Flickr | Blog | Facebook | View HI-RES

What Alex Loke says "This is a SUPERB shot! A cute chubby looking squirrel eyeing up the surrounding for potential danger. I can see big wide opened eyes, pointy ears and highly alert whiskers. A photo worthy of National Geographic status. Great job, Loh!"

Title: Falcon Eye
Photographer: Cheng Steve
Flickr | Blog | Facebook | View HI-RES

What Alex Loke says "An excellent close-up! The falcon turned its head facing your lens with that intrigued look. That stunning and elegant pose...PRECIOUS!"

Title: Puppy, Sleep Tight
Photographer: Peck Hong
Flickr | Blog | Facebook | View HI-RES

What Alex Loke says "There's something about these puppies that makes my heart melt. Droopy ears, hidden tail and those lovely sleeping pose. There are SO CUTE! It makes me wanna cuddle them like babies and sing lullabies ^.^

On a serious note, stop the cruelty in puppy mills. Adopt. Don't buy". <(^_^<)

Note: All copyrights belong to respective photographers.

What can you do with a Phantom HD $11, 800 camera? MIRACLES!

Professional pet photographer Teresa Berg save Homeless Dogs through Better Photography. Read more on PopPhoto.

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